Andreas Markessinis

Expert in the Metaxas dictatorship and the Greek fascist era (1936-1941)

Book Author

Andreas Markessinis is one of the world's most renown specialists in the fascist regime established by Ioannis Metaxas in Greece (1936-1941). Hailing from the same island Metaxas came from, Markessinis has extensively researched and studied this obscure topic.

Besides authoring dozens of articles, essays and papers, he has written 5 books on different aspects of this dark episode of modern Greek history. Some of his books have been published in major languages such as English, French and Spanish.

Books about Metaxas and the 4th of August regime

The Metaxas research project

Since the year 2000, he also runs the research website, which is the Internet's largest resource site on the Metaxas dictatorship. This project aims to propel a serious and unbiased scientific study on the 4th of August regime.

Through articles, insights, reports, videos, academic papers, essays and opinion, the website brings forth a reliable, indepth and voluminous database covering all aspects of the fascist experience in Greece.

Metaxas research website


Besides his scholarly books and his authoritative website on the Metaxas regime, Andreas Markessinis also manages Pelekys, an independent and small publishing label dedicated to release niche books on modern Greek history.

Through it he has published books by other authors such as Markos Vallianatos, and has revivified old publications originally issued by the 4th of August state.

Books about modern Greek history